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All Makes | Buell
Founded:  1983
Headquarters:  East Troy, WI
Popular Model Families:  S1, X1, M2, Blast, XB, 1125

MrCycleParts has thousands of used Buell motorcycle parts!

Why You Should Buy Your Buell Used Motorcycle Parts from MrCycleParts

Buell was started by former Harley-Davidson engineer Erik Buell in 1983. The first bike was the RW750, a road racing bike built for the AMA Formula 1 motorcycle road racing championship. After the Formula 1 series was cancelled, Buell began making race-inspired street bikes using Harley engines. In 1993, Harley-Davidson purchased 49% of Buell and bought a majority stake of the company in 1998 making it a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson. Buell primarily used Harley-Davidson’s four-stroke air cooled V-twin engine in most of its bikes until the mid-90s when they began using an upgraded Buell-engineered engine. In 2009, Harley-Davidson announced they would end production on the Buell brand, stating that the brand didn’t have enough value. In November of 2009, Erick Buell launched Erick Buell Racing to produce only racing bikes.

When your Buell needs parts, use MrCycleParts to find the quality used parts you need. Don’t waste money buying new parts when you can search our network of motorcycle salvage yards to find used motorcycle parts for less.

Just click here to start searching. Enter the make, model and year of your motorcycle, along with the part you need and any other information. Enter your contact information and you’ll get replies from salvage yards all over the country that have the part you need. Finding the right part at the right price has never been easier. Trust MrCycleParts for all of your motorcycle parts.

Ready to get going? Check out some of these popular Buell models:

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