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1) Question: i have a 1985 honda nighthalk cb700sc. im looking for the generator chain and both the gides. do yall by chance have one or know where i can find them at. or even possibly a complete bottom end for the bike. sinserly, todd bradley.

  chain $195 guides $75ea Call 1-785-242-0600 10am-6pm Weds thru Fri;Sat 10-4 (central Time) to purchase this item. OZ Powersports is the National Leader is cycle/atv salvage with over 50,000 units in inventory. Shop us online at for all your new parts/accessories needs.We look foward to hearing from you!   -   OZ Powersports
  we have chain and guides for 155 & 10 shipping, or whole lower end for $345 & approx 100 shipping, all parts guaranteed, 217-674-3793 ,    -   MotoLane
  WE HAVE WHAT YOU NEED CALL R.C. HERE 800-622-9253   -   Steve's Cycle Inc
2) Question: Hi! Is there an OEM dierect replacement for the 1984-1985 Kawasaki ZX750E1-E2 GPz750Turbo "housing-comp-clutch" OEM PN 13095-1108? I read that the 1984-1985 GPz750A "Housing-comp-clutch" would be a match. Since the Turbo clutch uses an extra (8th) friction, how is it possible. Note: The reason for my search for a new replacement is due to the marring that develops on the surfaces where the friction discs impact the clutch baskets finger surfaces. Please tell me how these irregularities can effect clutch function? Some claim that smoothing the surfaces solves the problem, yet I believe that the discs will have more room for rotational travel, resulting in harder impacvts and worse damage. Won't the surface damage cause clutch chatter and disc binding? I think that poor clutch function and slipping will result. Thanks for any feedback, and especially new oem replacement info. The rubber bushings within the basket housing degrade due to oil esxposure and heat cycles over time and must be replaced on used units. This requires drilling out rivets and replacing the cush material with a stronger material. Then re-riveting or tapping and bolting the plate back is required. I hope that there is a crossreference from another model. Thanks again! Blair

  this part number you reference is turbo only   -   Willies Cycle Inc.
  WE SHOULD HAVE YOUR PARTS CALL R/C/ AT 800-622-9253   -   Steve's Cycle Inc
3) Question: I am looking for a front wheel disconect, That alowes you to disconect both front wheels

4) Question: Will a stator off a 1990 pc800 fix and work on a pc 800 1989? Billy

  no, it will not work   -   Willies Cycle Inc.
5) Question: How can I buy the caliper you have found for my 1987 honda 450 rebel?please advise. and how much will it cost me? Please reply, thank you.

  Hi this is Doug Ranschau from Ranschau RE Cycles. We have this in good condition and we beat all other prices.Call us toll free at 877 722 1925 and we will work out a low fair price for you.    -   Ranschau Re Cycles Inc
  JUST CALL ME   -   Crocker Cycle Shop
  CALL US 1-800-622-9253 WE HAVE YOUR CALIPHER    -   Steve's Cycle Inc
6) Question: The bigger jets do they go on the right side of carb/ or the left, [ my first time on carbs , [ PS I thinking , left carb has the bigger jets, and the rear Head is first to fire . please let me know, thank you [ Jamy ,

  ???? what kind of bike??   -   Willies Cycle Inc.
7) Question: I'm looking for some complete exhaust for a 2001 Suzuki intruder preferably used set in good condition if anyone can find some please email me at

  $250 dellivered- Cobra brand - light scuffs Contact DAN at or call 540-674-1354    -   New River Cycle Salvage
8) Question: Hi, I am looking for an engine for a 2009 SYM SCOOTER. Body is in Very good shape. Need to find one ASAP or looking to sell the Scooter as is!!! Thank you, Eugene

9) Question: I onw a 2003 ktmsx525 I am looking for a complete electric starter system what i need to know are all the nessary wiresin the stock wiring harness there so all i will have to do is plug in the wires that come with a used system thanks gene kehm

  CALL ME I MAY BE ABLE TO HELP YOU WERE OPEN M-F 8-5 PST. MACK    -   Los Angeles Motorcycle Salvage
10) Question: I need an ignition cylinder (switch) for a 1996 vf750cd honda magna deluxe. ENGINE: V45 (750). What other years would work on that bike?

  we have in stock 50 & 8 shipping, all parts guaranteed, 217-674-3793 ,    -   MotoLane
11) Question: looking for yamaha part# 445-85580-21-00 pulser coil to purchase. Thank You

12) Question: what yr and bikes will gas tank fit i have 97 honda 750 magna

  94-03 magna 750 will work. I have a yellow tank here if that is what you are looking for 1-800-334-4045 ask for DAN   -   Willies Cycle Inc.
  have a tank here in stock for your magna call 800-423-1320    -   Rick's Motorcycle Enterprise
13) Question: what year gas tanks will work on 1997 honda 750 magna

  have a 97 here in stock call 800-423-1320   -   Rick's Motorcycle Enterprise
14) Question: I have a 2003 Honda ST1300 non ABS They FI light has come on and the fault code is 26 indicates bad right knock sensor. When the FI comes on there is slight loss of power for a moment but bike runs fine. FI does not come on till you get above 4000 rpm. From what I researched it seems the ECM is what goes bad not the sensor. The FI light started coming on just once in awhile but has became more numerous here lately though bike seems to run fine no problems starting and idles fine. Is this pretty common for this bike?


  have a side cover here call 800-423-1320   -   Rick's Motorcycle Enterprise
  PART NUMBER ?   -   Steve's Cycle Inc
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